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life update

so i have been very stressed out over college work for the past few weeks. I have been sinking all my time into productions which was fun until tulpa. now in normally a bit controlling and angry when I direct video’s. for instance I will never let anyone be on camera unless i possibly do it due to travel or having to do another job. which has meant I normally am the director,producer and camera guy for every shoot. if someone is having a hard time talking to a client i but in and take over the entire production. I hate that I love doing it but i am working on silencing that part of me a little bit. 

but tulpa almost pushed me over the edge. by this point everyone is sick of my shit and i just go lone wolf on the final film of my course. but this time I GO BIG. I build a set for no reason and waist a ton of money. i thought the set was going to make everything a ton easier but it did not. 

I do not want to go on a giant rant on why i am a giant idiot so i will narrow it to a few things i need to remember.

  • never write again [im shit at it and always will be. its way more fun to work with someone else’s idea]
  • try to work with other people [ I am shit and making good friends and back talk alot of people without really knowing them. so get out more and shut up about shit i dont know]
  • do less work on single projects and narrow down on what i want to do by doing lots of projects.
  • finish my course [my course is almost up so instead of procrastinating i should fucking work, but not to much]
  • have fun [tulpa had its fun parts but when i was not filming i felt dead. so do other stuff instead of wait for small slithers of fun]

ok emotional explosion over. now for life [don’t worry it will not be long]

middlesex university has accepted me on a conditional offer. so if i get the grade i need i’m moving to london. i need to get out of somerset really badly. nothing really happens here. im close to cardiff and a lot of tv is happening up there right now but most of it is still happening in london. as i don’t have a drivers license and never really plan, i never get the chance to meet up with friends. there all over the county so i hope a working transport system will enable me to go out a bit more.

ok I have lost my train of thought. bye

video installation conceptualizing


This was my final concept for the video installation, Although this was not how I first envisioned it. I knew i wanted to play around with the multiple screens using one projector, a process known as projection mapping.


I first learned about projection mapping though one of the independent music artists i follow called Jack Conte. he started to use rigs like the one above for his home made music video’s. he would move around the projection from different angles and would even point out that he was only using a single projector. for the video installation unit of the course we were tasked to create an experimental installation to see what we were capable of. so i sat down at my laptop and spent two hours working on a quick test.


the test was a success. I used a white board and two light stands with paper taped on top. the result was good enough for me to want to continue to use it. the real task now was to create a video installation to use in the colleges fashion show. My ambition as always wanted to go big.


I wanted to build an arch over the stage and to project different graphic representations of each section of the show. the paper mock up above was made in one concept lesson no tape was used just folds.

But unfortunately the show runners thought it was a going to over complicate the show instead of complement it. So i had to go on something smaller for the welcome room. I sketched out the positions of light stands one the first concept picture of this post. At first i did not know about the machine. All I was thinking about was silhouettes and ribbons. with little time left I jumped into after effects.


the way I used projection mapping was by moving little rectangles the same size of an A4 piece of paper around in a 3D space. this space was just a black solid. so if the room or walls was dark enough you would not see the black space on the wall and only see the rectangles of video being projected onto the light stands. the black would be absorbed by the wall and would remain the same colour as before.

the machine idea came in after i needed something for the middle light stand. so i filmed a class mates eye an put it inside of a triangle of ribbon. so the other strands of ribbon were feeding this machine, us the consumers eating all of the same mass produced looping thing. we call the machine either fashion, trend or season. I call it image hunger.

Video installation evaluation

So video installation is over and now its time for me to reflect back and look at what I have achieved and what I could have done better.  so the idea all started with a simple test back in january. i was playing around with projection mapping after i had seen it being used by a favourite artist of mine Jack Conte. the fact that he projected onto multiple surfaces with one projector at once amazed me. 


so i looked around to see how it was done and its pretty simple. all you have to do is place videos in boxes surrounded by black in the shape and position of the surfaces you were to project onto. I managed to create it and project a test of this in the two hours of a lesson. here was my result.


it worked very well and my peers seemed to be impressed. it used a white board and two light stands with pieces of paper taped to the top of them. instead of cropping the videos into black boxes i placed the clips in  3D space using after effects. I used stock footage from youtube to make the process quicker and this gave me the idea to not film anything for my video installation and use my own motion graphics.


for the fashion show I wanted to do something big. I planned to create an arch over the catwalk and project motion graphics onto it representing the shows themes. although it may have been to ambitious as the people in charge of the fashion show was not in favour of the idea as it could have distracted people from the show itself. I would of created it to compliment the show but I abided and set my plans on a smaller scale.


for my new idea I looked back at my first experiment with the light stands. i played around with the idea that fashion is a series of repetition controlled by our unconscious minds. I tried to convey this by having ribbons of repeating clothes feeding into a triangle with and eye recreating the illuminate symbol.


the picture above is the final product of my video installation work. I loved the look but if i had more time i would have done more tests and set the screen sizes to be the same size as the card they were projecting onto.

I installed my installation the welcome room of the college fashion show. i did not get the chance to talk to any members of the public as i had to vision mix from the fashion show itself. but from what I heard people say although few members of the public didn’t understand it people thought it looked good.

If i had to change anything about the whole experience is that i would have chosen to of started it closer to the fashion show because for the first few weeks we were not doing anything toward the final piece or did we have any idea of what was wanted by the fashion show.

Video installation update: well the fashion show is happening this thursday and i managed to set up a quick test of what my installation will look like. need a few tweaks to get the image and the meaning right. but I’m practically there View Larger

Video installation update: well the fashion show is happening this thursday and i managed to set up a quick test of what my installation will look like. need a few tweaks to get the image and the meaning right. but I’m practically there

Tulpa Directors Log 2: so thursday went well. the set went up smoothly and as i expected it took a whole day. if we had wednesday in the studio we could of shot in the apartment for 3 days instead of the one day we had on friday. but good news from friday im allowed to keep the set up during monday and im hoping to keep it up for Tuesday when my actors can actually turn up to filming.

so friday was great. we got through half of scene 3. we were aiming to film more but we had a technical difficulty with the audio again but this time we were prepared with Reece bringing his own microphone which worked. but this left us with less time to film, which lead me too the fact that when we did film it took a lot more time that i expected. so all we pretty much got for the whole week was scene 3 and the corridor shots which are connected to scene 3.

i have enough footage to start doing a rough edit of the scene 3 which flows very nicely although the film may end up being longer than i expected. although it may be fine when i cut it down.

so all im really worried about is getting the studio stuff out of the way as quickly as possible. the other scenes can be shot quickly.

will this film ever be finished. find out next time on Tulpa Directors LOOOOGGGG!!

production update/directors log…: i felt like i should of wrote this for everyday on the shoot but everyday has worn me out so its better late than ever.

before we started the shoot i found out we had some trouble with the studio. a meeting was and has taken place on the wednesday of the shoot. this meant we had to disassemble the set and hide it. which is very annoying but we have had to.

so monday went great. we set up the corridor and the shots we got looked great nothing wrong….but thats when tuesday happened. set dressing took a lot longer than expected and the audio equipment failed on us so we couldn’t shoot anything. although i managed to get some nice pics of the set before we had to take it down.

the plan for the rest of our studio time is that me and crew are going to rebuild and prepare for the huge task we have in store for friday where we will have to film everything apartment based….which is alot

well lets hope this goes smoothly.

more build pictures from the set. 4 more flat pannel’s and the basic set is complete. im working with crew and actors to get furniture and wallpaper for free. i only have one week to go so its all hands on deck to get everything ready for the shoot.

working with the cast

today i had the chance to develop and work with my main actors. we covered brains character design. Brian is still a few days away from becoming fully formed. I also got the chance to show the actors the size of the set by laying out markers in the tv studio. we will getter a better understanding of the set when it is complete.

paper mock up for the apartment. thanks to this i can figure out how much material i need for this set. as well as giving me an idea of how to make each panel easy to move


First draft of Tulpa is done. I think the character’s have enough to development to keep them interesting and adding a lost love felt a bit cheesy at first I’ve grown to love it. genders and names will change but this plot line will most likely stay the same.

with the feed back I’m getting, this feels like it might work.

I have decided that I am actually going to build the apartment as a set. I could film it someones house but it wouldn’t have the same feel a set can bring. it will be a new experience being able to control everything on screen to the wallpaper and the exact light. in sketching out a few rough designs and I will post them very soon and pictures of the finished set two weeks from now.

the best workflow is a digital workflow

so during my time studying media production i have tried to incorporate all of my work online. wether it be creating all of my pre-production on google drive folders which is shared with my team and edited by all of us to using google hangouts for production meetings and i have to say i am loving it. not having to worry about ever losing a document or not being able to get to it because a team member is ill with the document on them. not having to juggle hard drives…well unless we are dealing with video then the college network is a life saver.

for example when i was on a shoot one team who was back at college couldn’t get to there company. luckily there shoot was right after ours so i got them to send me there production folder to my shared folder on google drive and i had all the information i needed on my phone.

if someone is having trouble on anything we are working on they can message me on face book and they can send me link to there document and i can make changes and add notes while they are still on the document….its just brilliant.

best part is when im all done instead of having to print out a folder i can just submit it as a link and make the folder public…..i love the digital workflow