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Graduated with Triple Distinction and am ready for hire

So my course is now over and I will be moving to london to attend my bachelors degree in television production in september. In the mean time I will be trying to obtain as many paid media jobs as I can.

So if you need a film recorded in any event like a wedding, live performance, or promotional video for your cause or business be sure to reach out to me through my contact page. If you know of anyone please send them to this site.

This week i have started to design a business card and will be carrying them around with me whenever the design is done.

I haven’t looked at what i’m going to charge yet but i’m planning on keeping costs low depending on what the films will require. Im looking at keeping it near somerset but if you are further and we like the idea we will go for it.


Tulpa sound design

I knew that with the short period of time I had to edit any sound design I had to make would be simple but effective. for this I decided to record external audio to avoid peaking and avoiding dubbing any audio. almost all of the diegetic sounds were recorded with the audio to avoid having to create a foley. foley would have produced a more cinematic sound but I just did not have the time. we recorded between the zoom H1 and tascam audio recorder.

during the sequence with brian peeking his head into the corridor there is a tone that get higher in pitch and volume which is used to create tension and sense of fear. I created the sound in fruityloops with a synth notes pitch gradually being raised.

the other two examples of non diegetic sound is during the shot when brian is walking up to the shop. its starts with a dramatic beat of a drum to transition between the last shot. the other sound I used reverse explosion building up a mysterious tension leading up to the fridge gag in the next scene.

near the end frodo begins to teleport. I couldn’t find any free teleport sounds that matched the effect so I had to make my own. I recorded myself sucking in air in a short burst and combined it with the portal 2 sound effect for shooting a portal.

through out the film there are gaps where I couldn’t shoot the rest of the film. so to make some form of edit with the film I recorded my self the frustrated director narrating between the holes roughly filling in the gaps and adding humour by putting in a shot that was originally not supposed to be used.

Here are some things we left out in the video.

Video codecs and file formats: A video codec is the compression method the file has gone through such as H.264 and MPEG. This keep the file at a manageable size otherwise the file would have the combined size of all of the video’s used and would be tens of gigabytes. The File format is the container for the video. Depending on what format is the file will only be able to play on certain media players. most media players accept most formats but some formats will not play. The most used video formats are .mp4, quicktime and AVI.

Pal and NTSC: NTSC or National Television Standard Committee is the broadcasting standard, it is used in north america, japan, south korea and many more. NTSC runs at a frame rate of 30 frames per second at an aspect ratio of 720x480. The video is played by flashing the frames on screen like you would with projecting film. PAL stands for Phase Alternating Lines. This standard work a lot differently to NTSC. The frame rate is 25 frames per second with a 720x576 aspect ratio. PAL is used in the UK, China, Germany and many more. The way that PAL is different is that instead of flashing the frames on the screen like a traditional projector it uses two frames constantly switching to the next while they both are split into tiny vertical lines. its the alternation of each set of lines that create the motion without having the short black screens in between each frame. giving the image a cleaner motion. The counties who choose either PAL or NTSC will not accept the other standard as well as the standard not being able to work with the other.

for a full list of counties that us PAL, NTSC and SECAM go to the source I used to find the countries for the standards :


This is an edited version of our media debates podcast, the podcast covers Internet piracy and asks these questions

Is piracy okay ?

Who does it affect ?

Is anyone losing money ?

How copyright can be improved ?

What content providers need to be aware of ?

And other important questions

social action recap and refleactions

This production turned out to be a lot more tedious than I anticipated. We took on this project thinking it would be quick and easy. Me, Luke Roberts and Lucy Singleton were approached by one of our teachers Mino de Francesca, with the opportunity to work with a fostering network to help spread awareness of a demonstration being carried out within england and scotland. The demonstration was for a new technique in understanding other people and yourself called social pedagogy. Danika joined us as we were about ready to get in contact with the Capstone Foster Care.




We got in contact with Caroline de Francesca [Mino’s wife] and arranged a meeting for May 12th. Caroline arrived with Jean Scott. They both were nice and easy to talk to but we soon realised they really know how video production works. Which was ok but they wanted the video to play a popular song which in no way could we have paid the copyright fees or persuade the label to let us use it for free. What we did manage to get out of them was it had to be about the training program head heart and hands, it had to be fun and that in no way could we use foster childrens names or go and film them. It would have been brilliant to get the foster children’s reaction to the changes they’ve picked up from during the social pedagogy training, but I understood the consequences that could have occurred from that.


Pre-production was done in the days leading up to the first shoot on 27th march. Me and luke were used to working on a shared folder on google drive, so we had to get Lucy and Danika who were not used to google drive comfortable  with it. Danika forgot her gmail password so decided to work off the folder. I ended up uploading her work to the shared folder whenever I could.


Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 21.56.15.png


On the only shoot I went on we were driven by Caroline to location at Capstones frome office. We planned to shoot well lit interviews using two portable Arri lights. The space that they wanted the interviews to be shot in was a very small office at the back of the building. I was worried how we were going to fit everything in but we managed to get a decent interview set up. As we were setting up I handed out my version of the questions caroline had made. caroline had wanted to use her questions but I explained that my questions would be easier to answer on camera and create better sound bites but to avoid argument I chose to let the interviewees decide which set of questions they would prefer to answer. The crew for this shoot was me, Luke and Lucy. from past experiences I had learnt that three was the best number for a small crew. I was the Director, the interviewer and camera operator for camera one. I had brought along an external monitor so I could glance down at the screen to see if the shot was still good. Even though I was thinking of many things at once I tried to maintain focus or at least the illusion of focus by keeping eye contact as much as I could to the interviewees.


Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 23.11.43.png


I was creatively drained from my short film and the first edit was very lazy. But when caroline came to observe the edit she persuaded me to look for some better footage with her. So we did and I came out with a new rough outline for the edit. After I saw the potential of the video, I gained some enthusiasm for the film and put more of an effort into it. Caroline came to see the new edit we sat down and talked as we tweaked the video along with Lucy throwing in some ideas. Some how with those sessions we turned the uninspired first cut into a professional social action video.


Looking back we had a great start and brilliant finish, but in the middle of the production I could of put way more effort into the production instead of throwing my all into a short film that was doomed from the start. The final product was not how we first imagined but covered everything we had planned for and blew us away with the quality that we ended up with.


Social Pedagogy in the UK

This is the social action video I Directed and edited for Capstone Foster Care.